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In The Spotlight: A Very Unique Feeder Which Is Actually A Funny Squirrel Feeder!

This Squirrel Feeder is quite unique and funny. Basically you put the food inside, hang it from a branch and wait for the fun to begin!

The Best Solution for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders May Not Be What You Think!

What is the Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder 2020?

Let’s face it feeding the birds can bring joy to many people. But dealing with naughty squirrels robbing bird feeders does not bring joy! The food is stolen. And none left for the birds. The squirrel bafflers usually don’t work for long. The baffling usually stops. Squirrels are smart creatures. The Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder is probably one that will surprise you. Give them them their own squirrel feeder! Below are some options for this task. Some are funny and there’s options for green recycled feeders too.

best solution for squirrel-proof bird feeders 2019

Click here to see many types of unique bird feeders and squirrel feeders. Some would make make great green gifts.

I bought a green bird feeder for anxiety and to entertain my pets. At first it actually caused a little anxiety. Instead of birds I got more squirrels robbing the feeder. One red squirrel not only robbed the feeder but ate the feeder! This video shows the horrific damage and me telling him how I felt about the damage!

Typical Ways To Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders But There’s Better…

Well the first typical option is the Squirrel Baffler. It can work for some squirrels. After trying a few I find there’s some squirrels that still figure out a way to get around these squirrel bafflers. There’s a better way! But here’s some options I was considering at first on Amazon so birds would stand a chance of getting some seeds from my bird feeders:

So in my window I have a funny squirrel feeder that gets a lot of use. And some other feeders outside are quite popular with the Stinkies. I use this green bird feeder in the photo and available on Amazon to give squirrels nuts. It’s a low cost way to keep them busy. Click on the link under the photo and you can get 3 of these green feeders for a very low cost. And I have more feeders too. These keep squirrels and chipmunks very busy too. They no longer raid my bird feeder meant for birds. And it’s fun and entertaining for pets and people to watch. Although there’s another factor at work for best squirrel-proof bird feeder. The best squirrel-proof bird feeder. It’s a slinky believe it or not!

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funny donald trump squirrel feeder

The Best Solution for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder 2019 Is A Nature Gift For Yourself!

In the end I made my own and glad I did. It did not keep all squirrels away from the bird feeder. The problem is eventually some squirrels seem to a find a way no matter what. So what is the Best Solution for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder 2019? I found the best solution is to give them their own bird feeder. I did this and was quite shocked at what happened next. I ended up liking these cute little creatures!
By making friends with squirrels and chipmunks and giving them their own feeder I was given a nature gift and the following happened:

First they provided Cat and Dog Entertainment (Check out the funny videos of my cat and dog’s reaction to the 3 window bird feeder non-bird visitors):

green gifts
bird feeders as gifts
green pet gifts
greennatural pet remedies

Second they helped my Anxiety as over time these squirrels and chipmunk became semi-friendly

Third they are little funny creatures once you get to know them. My 3 bird feeder visitors are below. Stinky follows me into the shed now. When I’m out in the yard with Sweetie my dog…Stinky sees from a distance and comes over quickly. The window bird feeder is a big hit and sometimes the squirrels actually line up for food. They are funny creatures. And I used to hate them for raiding my bird feeder. Now I like them a lot….:

Tiny PU The Cute Chipmunk

I was amazed at how close Tiny PU would come near me in my chair and Sweetie my Chihuahua. I can remember an afternoon where I was feeling a bit depressed over a bad morning. Tiny PU sat 2 feet from me on the deck railing. She (I think she was a female chipmunk…could be wrong) just stayed there for 15 minutes. I felt a bit better after this.

Big Stinky The Gray Squirrel

Big Stinky seems shy and sweet. He’s still a regular visitor to the window bird feed despite winter. And he doesn’t mind Sweetie barking at him only 1 foot away. One day I wanted to see if he’d take a peanut from my hand. He came pretty close but backed off. Maybe over time…

Stinky The Cutest Red Squirrel

Stinky is the one who ate my bird feeder. In the warmer months he’s more active but I have seen him out in the winter. One winter day Sweetie was barking at some thing all morning. I found what in the afternoon. I opened the door to my shed and there was Stinky on top of a box. We scared each other. Over the summer he’d sometimes bring his little girlfriend. She would be the one to get past the squirrel baffler. Stinky could not but she could. So squirrel bafflers don’t always work.

Give Them Their Own Feeder!

So instead of trying to keep them away from bird feeders…just give them their own. It’s worked out great for me as Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder 2019. There’s even some quite humorous options for squirrel feeders. The feeder below is a funny squirrel bird feeder on Amazon:

A Very Unique Feeder Which Is Actually A Funny Squirrel Feeder!

This Squirrel Feeder is quite unique and funny. Basically you put the food inside, hang it from a branch and wait for the fun to begin!

You can also get a green bird feeder. And yes there are squirrel feeders. But these tend to cost more. And we all know squirrels have no preference. Any feeder will be OK to them! So here’s some green bird feeders below that will be a true Nature Gift for you no matter who shoes up at the feeder:

If a window bird feeder is not an option then placing a regular bird feeder near a window can work too. Below are more options including more bird feeders made from recycled materials on Amazon:

Bird Feeder Made From Recycled Materials

A Bird Feeder Made From Recycled Materials Can Be A Great Gift For All

Looking for a cool green gift? How about a bird feeder made from recycled materials? There’s many nice ones to choose from. And these vary in use. Some are just for birds and others offer multiple uses and hold other forms of bird seed and other feed. Below are some on Amazon…just click to read the reviews and find out more info…:

Also In Ther Spotlight: A Low Cost Green Bird Feeder I Chose

5 Reasons Why Bird Feeders Make Great Gifts for Just About Anyone

Below are 5 reason why bird feeders are a great gift for just about anyone:

  • Bird Feeders can provide Cat Entertainment
  • It can be a Green Gift as some are made from recycled materials
  • They can be great for any age group
  • They are great gifts for animal lovers
  • They can be great for those with Anxiety (Having Bird Feeders helped me)

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